AlBERTO - About

The AraBidopsis Embryonic and Root Transcriptome brOwser (AlBERTO) is a feature rich web-based tool which gives researchers insight into complex spatio-temporal transcriptomic data in Arabidopsis thaliana. By using diagrammatic representations of different tissues and cell types relevant transcriptomic data can be displayed, filtered and exported.


The quick start guide can help you with getting to know the basic features of the browser.

Reporting problems and feedback

We would like to hear about any problems you encounter. View the contact page for contact details.


The annotations have been generated using MBNI CustomCDF version 18.0.0 (aragene10st_At_TAIRG);


AlBERTO was programmed by Paul van Schayck with feedback from Joakim Palovaara.

The vector images of embryos were created by Colette ten Hove and Kuan-Ju Lu while the vector images of roots were created by Jos Wendrich. The logo was designed by Bert de Rybel.

Copyright and license

The source code of AlBERTO is available on GitHub, copyright of Wageningen University and licensed under the GNU GPL v2 license.

SVG images are copyright of (c) 2014 Wageningen University and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Please cite the following article when using AlBERTO:

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